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Welcome to my blog! I am Mellie, and this is my journey. I am a recent, non-traditional, college/culinary student. I hope that you'll stick around for all that's to come. I hope to have tips and tricks, recipes, photo's, laughter, fears, tears, personal goal's and accomplishments and more! Please, follow me. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I look forward to the future!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bread, Bread, Bread!

 I love bread, don't you? There is just something that is so magical about the fact that you can take 4 mere ingredient's and turn it into something as wonderful and substantial as bread. Bread has a long history, and I am learning all about it's origin's in my baking class. To say that I am enthralled is an understatement. I swear that I could sit and listen to my chef instructor talk all day long. His stories, whether related to cooking/baking, or talk of his personal life, are so interesting and sometimes funny! In the past couple of week's, we have learned how to make traditional French bread in the form of rolls and I am learning how to roll the, not yet perfect, well, roll. It's not as easy as one may think, there is an art to it, and I am determined to perfect this technique! I can hardly wait to move on to begin making baguettes! Today, we made soft yeast rolls. Oh. My. Lord. Soft, warm, ever so slightly yeasty, wonderful, rolls. Yes, yes, yes! I will turn those beauties into hamburger rolls for me, and my 2 guys for our dinner, tonight! I can hardly wait. Chef also spoke to us about taking a group trip, overseas. Talk of Europe made me extremely excited! I have never been anywhere other than Canada, so I'm definitely interested. Who know's where we'll end up going, if we get to go. We need a certain amount of people who are interested in order to reserve the trip. More to come...

 Here are the photo's I took in the last couple of classes. Several images of the traditional French bread rolls we made in class. Pretty neat, huh?


 Shelly and I made this pan of mac and cheese. We began by making an onion piquette and then made a roux, for our bechamel sauce, which we then turned into a cheese sauce for the mac and cheese. It was so yummy! I think we did a pretty good job :)

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